Are all Titanium frames made equal?

A car is a car… right? It all depends how you look at it. On the face of it comparing Titanium frames is very difficult to the untrained or knowledgeable eye, it’s only when you get inside how the frame is designed to work and how its manufactured do you start to see where the difference in price plays a part. I’m not talking about paying for branding or marketing budgets, I mean the actual the nitty gritty of design and manufacture to produce a quality product. No, they are not all equal, far from it. 


How are VAARU frame higher quality?

The company started because after owning many titanium frames and utlising our design knowhow, we set out to produce a no compromise titanium frame regardless of cost. We learnt very quickly there are others out there who recognize the extra quality and we started to produce them for others. Our frame details include:

  • Tapered headtube
  • Double butted seamless tubing
  • Heavily formed stays to add comfort.
  • Curved bridges for clearance and aesetics
  • Forged and CNC machined dropouts
  • Replaceable mech hanger.
  • CNC logo details
  • Choice of finishes

Please see a product page for detailed information.

One reply on “Are all Titanium frames made equal?

  • Luckson Chiu

    Hello Vaaru Bikes,
    I did the research and love your bites. Almost ready to purchase.
    When will Thru-axle options become available on your bikes?


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