• MPA Singapore red and black
    Vaaru MPA | Custom Paint | Singapore
  • Vaaru Octane | Custom Paint | Portugal
  • C Glazier Octane 64 TDF
    Vaaru Octane | France
  • VAARU V29 Mark Carter credit
  • Vaaru Octane | Goodwood
  • VAARU V29 Mark Carter credit
  • Vaaru Octane | Granfondo, Portugal
  • Forest adventure
    Vaaru GTA | Sussex woodland



Our range of UK designed and custom finished titanium bikes. Handcrafted and finished to your specification with a choice of the very best components.

Choose from our Octane 6-4, our premium titanium fast road bike, our V:8 di2 disc road bike, our MPA distance road bike or our GTA gravel adventure bike, or the 650 Switch for fast off-road challenges.


Hand Finished


All Vaaru titanium frames are hand finished according to your preference. Choose from a variety of anodised finishes to a completely custom paint scheme. Our ‘inspiration‘ page showcases some of our recent projects.

Precision Engineered Perfection


Vaaru frames are superb quality, designed with extra special details throughout.

Double butted tubing used throughout

Tapered headtube

CNC machined logo on the headtube

3D formed seatstays and chainstays


Bikes Etc give the MPA frame 10/10

We were delighted when we saw that our MPA was the cover shot for Bikes Etc May 2017 edition and that the frame had achieved 10/10.

“VAARU has succeeded in creating a bike that’s almost flawless. The attention to detail and the thought that’s gone into the bike is fantastic and perfect for the type of riders it’s targeted at. Supremely comfortable and incredibly confident descending ability make it a buzz to ride” Read more…

Cycling Weekly review

10/10 for the Octane 6-4 by Cycling Weekly

“The Octane 6-4 is a genuine top quality all-rounder that is a pleasure to ride whether climbing peaks or cruising along country lanes…

If it’s a titanium dream bike that you have your heart set on, then the Octane 6-4 is highly recommended.”

Frame – 10/10

Ride – 10/10

Read the full review here

Cycling Weekly | 17 September 2015

Riding the Switch was always a pleasure

“Riding the Switch was always a pleasure. That feeling you only get from titanium or really high-end steel whereby it dampens trail chatter without any loss in power during climbing is something I really enjoy. The Switch climbed well with the longer travel fork, but once you pointed it downhill it came into its own. A short back end with such a light build allowed the bike to be moved about at ease – a real godsend after the unpredictable trail damage we’ve had from all the rain of late. Popping out of corners faster than I’d expected on more than one occasion had me doing an auto-manual before I realized it and took a slight readjustment in body position to compensate. Once done the ‘up front and push into turns’ feel of the Switch started a game of ‘how hard can I lean before it all goes wrong?’ It really is a case of get into the bike and drive it, not sit on and be a passenger. This is how I want a fun bike to ride. Engaging.”

Greg May Singletrack Magazine Issue 103.

Custom painted V:8 titanium road bike

V:8 Di2 Titanium Disc Road Bike

A very special V:8 titanium road bike with disc brakes, electronic shifting and bespoke paintwork. Flashes of sky blue and fuscia pink make this road bike stand out.

Build details

Bespoke paintwork on frame and forks

Bespoke embroidered leather saddle

Shimano Di2 electronic gears

Edco wheels