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Why Ti? As we all know a major benefit of Titanium is the superior ride quality. Carbon Fibre construction in gravel/adventure forks are becoming more rigid due to the extra demands of carrying luggage or supplies. The result is a brutally stiff fork, less forgiving on the wrists and hands. Our Titanium forks were developed to give the ultimate ride quality you expect from Titanium whilst being as low weight as possible, they really are an engineering masterpiece. Weight – not such an issue. You would expect a steel fork to sit in the region of 1kg – 1.3kg while an Enve adventure forks sits at 575g. We feel an increase of 177g is far outweighed by the ride quality and vibration absorption you get from Titanium.

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Name: V:Ti

Weight: 752g (230mm steerer, not including axle or bolts) (Road/Gravel/Adventure forks for GTA and GTA Evo)

Construction: A mix of Lightweight Precision Cast 6Al/4V Titanium crown and dropouts with 3Al/2.5V Titanium legs and steerer. The fork has internal Dynamo routing and hydraulic hose. Full Titanium construction.

Dynamo: Dynamo entry on the leg can be internally routed into the steerer to be used in conjunction with a USB charging device such as Cinq.

Flatmount and Rotor: Compatible with 140mm and 160mm rotors

Rake: 50mm

Bolts: M5 x 0.8 x 12mm

Side mounts:  2.5kg max limit per side.

Axle to Crown : 395mm

Steerer: 1.1/8 – 1.5 tapered 300mm


Note: Bolts must have a 10mm insertion when carrying side loads. This will ensure the threads are fully engaged and do not have a chance of stripping, resulting in failure. We also advise carrying equal side loads to provide safe handling. Side loads may also conflict with the downtube whilst turning tightly.


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