Vaaru Titanium Headset Spacers


VAARU Cycles titanium spacers available in 5mm and 10mm.

Made from 3Al/2.5V aerospace grade titanium, the spacer will allow you to adjust your stem height by 5mm or 10mm. Each one has been machined with a small radius to ensure no sharp edges. After giving them a brushed finish, the laser etched graphics are applied. The 5mm and 10mm graphics are designed to be different, if using them together, be sure to align the graphics for a consistent look.

5mm weight: 3g

10mm weight: 6g

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5mm spacer has  ‘VAARU’ text.

10mm spacer has  ‘V’ logo.

5mm weight: 3g

10mm weight: 6g

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5mm, 10mm


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