Why choose Titanium?

If a Titanium frame has been designed and manufactured properly it will be a very comfortable ride in comparison to carbon or aluminium. Comfort is hard to quantify but I usually say its like letting 15psi out of your road bike tyres, a sliky ride reducing the high frequency vibrations travelling through your bike into your body. When you translate the reduction of those vibrations over a 3 hour ride, the benefits to your body are noticeable. A steel frame is getting close to the ride quality of Titanium however Titanium has a far better strength to weight ratio making the Titanium frame much lighter. 

What do the numbers and letters mean: 3AL/2.5V or 6AL/4V

Titanium is an element (Ti), Titanium frames have a mix (alloy) of Aluminium and Vanadium.

The number denotes the alloy content in terms of percentage. So 3AL/2.5V has 3%Aluminium and 2.5% Vanadium. 6AL 4V is slightly lighter, stiffer and stronger due to its aluminium content.

6AL/4V or 3AL/2.5V ?

All of our headtubes, dropouts and bottom brackets for every model are 6AL/4V, this is for its machining qualities and also to keep the weight down. The 6AL 4V frame is lighter and stiffer in comparison to our 3AL/2.5V frames, however utilizing a mix of smaller diameter seamless double butted tubing, the Octane 6-4 still has an incredible ride quality while retaining stiffness in the areas where it’s required.


Titanium will not corrode! We all know steel rusts and aluminium will corrode. Titanium is a major benefit to those who ride in wet and salty winter conditions. You’ll mostly see titanium bikes in their raw colour, brushed, polished or blasted. This is because you don’t need to paint or treat the surface of the titanium to protect it from the outside elements. Titanium looks great in the Sun too, so don’t think its purely functional as a winter bike, nothing beats the look of a bit of Sun sparkling off a titanium frame! After you’ve clocked up a few thousand miles, we offer a service to re-finish your Titanium frame. It’ll look like new wether its done 50 miles or 50,000. The cost is minimal when compaired to a shiny new paint job. You can thank Titanium for that!

Can I demo a bike?

No problem, we have a range of demo bikes in various sizes, please email james@vaarucycles.com to see if we have the model you like in your size. You then make an appointment to come and visit us to take one for a spin. If we’re not local to you we may be able to point you in the right direction of where you can try one.

How do I buy?

You can simply buy frame only which includes a headset and seatclamp. A frame set which includes Frame, Forks, headset and seatclamp.

If buying a full build we can build it to your spec or we can talk through a spec of your choice. If you would like help and advice on what to choose we have years of experience of designing top end componentry, so we’re happy to discuss any options or questions you may have.

I need some help deciding which bike to buy?

Give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs. If you’d like to chat in person please make an appointment so we can schedule in a coffee and some time to discuss your dream bike! Email james@vaarucycles.com to make an appointment.

Can I have bespoke geometry?

Yes you can, we have worked with people who have disabilities and require something bespoke. We have also worked with people who think they may need something bespoke but when bike fitting we find they can have a size from our standard range. The price is split into two sections:

1: If you choose a model (Octane 6-4 for example) and would like it Sram Etap or Shimano Di2 Specific it would add £399 to the price.

2: If you would like bespoke geometry please add £599 this is to cover extra time to produce production drawings.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for, please contact us james@vaarucycles.com and we will be happy to answer your questions.