Titanium Frame Refinishing Service


Refurbish your titanium frame and restore it to its former glory. At VAARU Cycles we offer a titanium bike frame refurbish service for our VAARU customers. We are happy to work on other titanium bikes also but will offer VAARU customers  preferential rates for any refurbishment work.

Titanium bike frames can be easily restored and will look as good as new with some special attention.

We can either replicate your original finish and graphics or you can have a  completely new look.

The finishes that we offer are

  • Hand brushed
  • Bead blasted
  • Oxide blasted
  • Mirror polished
  • Painted
  • Anodised
  • Vinyl graphics

Either strip your bike back to its frame and send the frame only to us to be refurbished or send us the complete bike and we can do the whole job for you.

Prices start from £100 for a simple hand brushed frame.

For more information simply contact us on 07789931124  email us at james@vaarucycles.com or use the contact form below.

Titanium Frame Refinish Enquiry


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