Coast to Coast USA Vlogs by James Ketchell

Watch the daily Vlogs - 30 days of cycling across America on the Vaaru GTA Evo

Watch James Ketchell, James Beresford and Peter Wilson on their epic adventure as they take on the challenge of a cycles across America. All three took Vaary GTA Evo titanium bikes and tested them on a 30 day challenge. 

2 replies on “Coast to Coast USA Vlogs by James Ketchell

  • Jackie Brook

    I went to see James on his tour in Leeds.
    So inspiring and interesting.
    Made me want to challenge myself for the rest of my life!
    I’ve donated and will keep following.

    • VAARU Cycles

      We went to James’s talk in Guildford and agree it was brilliant and uplifting. That’s so kind of you to have donated and I’ll make sure they see this message and I expect it will motivate them when the going gets tough. Thanks for the comment, Stephanie


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