Titanium Bespoke Build gives Mark new King Of the Mountain!


Mark was kind enough to write to us about his titanium full build which he’s been enjoying for the last month, we’re pleased to report he’s seen a dramatic increase in his speed which has put a big smile on his face!

“Having been riding a high end aluminium Kona hard tail for years, I needed to consider a number of areas, all of which I needed to see improvement in before buying my next bike: – ride comfort, overall speed, quality and of course desirability.

The overall package from James at Vaaru has been absolutely fantastic. Each component was chosen with the help and advice from James, from the wheels, tyres, group set, brakes, bars post and saddle etc.

The first thing I noticed was the geometry and fit of the bike. The riding position is spot on, aggressive, yet compliant and comfy. My back no longer aches after a long ride and the tyres are more planted on the ground than I am used to.

The pickup of speed out of corners and slow areas is noticeably quicker. It seems all my power is now channelled into climbing and forward speed.

The result (other than a cheesy grin on my face while I am riding), is that I am seeing big improvements on all my Strava segments and I am picking up KOM’s on rides that I have been riding for years.

My average speed on rides has also increased. Before I would do well to get 20Km/h average. Now I hitting 22-23Km/h average. That’s a 15% increase!

I can’t wait to see what happens to my times once the British summer finally arrives and the trails dry out!! ”

Mark F | International Sales Manager | Hampshire | May 2014