Jeff and The Silver Dream Machine (MPA)

A big thank you to Jeff who has reviewed his VAARU MPA having trained for and completed LEJOG.

“For a number of years I had wanted to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats but due to various commitments was unable to until after I had retired from work. This year I joined an organised ride with Martyn Ryan of ACT tours to raise money for a local Hospice. So on the 28th May 2017 I set off from Land’s End to cycle the 1000 miles to John O’ Groats.

Earlier in the year after having some mechanical issues with my trusty, but old Scott CR1, I decided to look for a new bike. I came across the name VAARU at my local bike shop, and after visiting their web site I liked what I saw, so in February I contacted James Beresford and set up a meeting. After a four hour drive from Cornwall to Chichester, I finally got to meet James, had a bike fit, and test rode the MPA. The bike felt really good, and after a few phone calls to check details I ordered one. I was very impressed by James’ knowledge and of what he was trying to achieve with VAARU, his total belief in the design and build quality of the product, with lots of attention to detail, but at the end, still producing a value for money bike. I felt that he was totally committed to building the best specification MPA for the long and arduous ride ahead of me, and what a spec! MPA titanium frame, Shimano DI2 gears and hydraulic disc brakes, Absolute Black oval chain ring, ZIPP Aero bars, Edco wheels and VAARU F1 carbon forks and anodised graphics.

I went back up to Chichester at the end of March, to pick the bike up. James only had to make a few minor adjustments, and I was ready to go! As a really thoughtful extra gesture, James had even put an anodised LEJOG 2017 emblem on the frame.

During April and May I rode the MPA every other day and I loved every minute, so comfortable and smooth. Even on wet and windy days, I was quite happy to be out and about, and I managed to cover about 1500 miles training before on the 28th May I set off on the LEJOG.

The ride did not start too well, as on the first day I broke my helmet strap and had a puncture, but the bike was a joy to ride, so smooth and comfortable. After that I had no real mishaps, only getting blown off the bike going up the Lecht in the Cairngorms in sixty miles an hour gusts of wind and atrocious weather that was the tail end of Hurricane Katrina. Neither the bike, nor I got scratched, as we landed in heather!

The whole journey was an incredible experience, made even more pleasurable by my silver dream machine, (the MPA). I would thoroughly recommend the bike to anybody who wants to do some long distance cycling. On a personal note, I am now a total convert from Carbon to Titanium, and in particular VAARU Titanium frames. I am still using the MPA for all my cycling in Cornwall and Devon, and for me it is the perfect bike for all road and weather conditions.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Titanium bicycle, I would recommend that you check out VAARU. I personally think they are the best in the business. I am sure you will be the envy of all your cycling mates!”


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