Cycling Weekly review of VAARU Cycles Octane 6-4

Cycling Weekly Recommended

Hot off the press is Cycling Weekly’s review of the VAARU Octane 6-4 by technical editor Chris Hovenden. James Beresford built a beautiful example of the Octane 6-4 titanium road bike for Chris to test. Chris has just ridden 175 miles on it including racing in a time trial and has now written his much anticipated review for Cycling Weekly.

Chris was suitably impressed with the Octane 6-4 and wrote a fantastic technical review of it which can be read in detail below. Overall the Octane scored 9/10 which was a rewarding read for James Beresford. VAARU Cycles’ designer.

Cycling Weekly scored the Octane 6-4 frame and ‘Ride’ with 10/10.

Cycling Weekly review


Read some of our favourite quotes are below –

“As soon as I pushed down on the pedals I knew I was going to enjoy riding the Octane 6-4… when I needed a sudden injection of pace the Octane 6-4 was impressively responsive.”

“Riding the Octane 6-4 you can be confident that not only are you riding an impressive looking bike but also that the frame is made from the highest quality titanium, accompanied by components you don’t see every day.”

“If it’s a titanium dream bike that you have your heart set on, then the Octane 6-4 is highly recommended.”

Find out more about the Octane 6-4.

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