Singletrack Magazine review our 650 Switch

Singletrack Magazine review our 650 Switch titanium mountain bike. Have you read Greg May’s review of our 650 Switch mountain bike? If you missed it in issue 103 you can read the full review below.

If you haven’t got time to read the whole article make sure you read the ‘Overall’ section on the second page for a good summary of the ride quality of the VAARU 650 Switch.

“Overall: Riding the Switch was always a pleasure. That feeling you only get from titanium or really high-end steel whereby it dampens trail chatter without any loss in power during climbing is something I really enjoy. The Switch climbed well with the longer travel fork, but once you pointed it downhill it came into its own. A short back end with such a light build allowed the bike to be moved about at ease – a real godsend after the unpredictable trail damage we’ve had from all the rain of late. Popping out of corners faster than I’d expected on more than one occasion had me doing an auto-manual before I realized it and took a slight readjustment in body position to compensate. Once done the ‘up front and push into turns’ feel of the Switch started a game of ‘how hard can I lean before it all goes wrong?’ It really is a case of get into the bike and drive it, not sit on and be a passenger. This is how I want a fun bike to ride. Engaging.” Greg May Singletrack Magazine Issue 103.

Singletrack review of 650 Switch

Singletrack review 650 Switch

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