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If you own a VAARU titanium frame, look no further for a replacement headset. This headset has been designed into every VAARU frame. Read below as to why we’ve chosen a Cane Creek headset to be sent with every new Vaaru frame.

Need to get lower? Cane Creek do supply shallower tops to achieve a lower stack height. VAARU frames are supplied with a 15mm top section. An 8mm top is available reducing stack height by 7mm.

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What Cane Creek Say:

The 40-Series sets the standard for performance, durability and value.  Drawing from the Premium 110-Series Design, the 40-Series incorporates all the features necessary for a durable, light-weight, long-lasting headset.  Precision engineered by Cane Creek in Fletcher, NC.

Cane Creek Headsets

For more than two decades, Cane Creek has set the standard for bicycle headsets. By introducing the world to threadless technology, Cane Creek helped redefine modern bicycles; making possible the introduction of suspension forks, shaped head-tubes, carbon steerer tubes and other innovations that continue today.


All Cane Creek headsets are precision engineered in the United States at our Fletcher, NC, facilities.  From our class-leading 110-Series to the 10-Series designed with economy in mind, each headset has been meticulously designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s riders.  All Premium headsets – including the angle-adjusting AngleSet and the world’s lightest AER – are produced in the U.S. from U.S.-made aluminium in our CNC machining centers.



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