Let The Dotwatching Commence!

For those of you who followed Alaina Beacall last year you might remember her as the singing cyclist on the TransAm Bike Race. She’s back and this time she’s at the start line for The Transatlantic Way endurance cycling event which starts today, Thursday 6th June 2019 from Dublin, Ireland. We will be following her on her 2500km journey and if you want to dot watch here is the link.

Alaina will be riding her custom painted Vaaru MPA with notable high-vis fluorescent rear seat stays from her TransAm Bike Race. Last year Alaina showed great fortitude when she bravely competed in the race despite suffering with a torn meniscus; she still managed to complete the event in excellent time. So, what can we expect from her this year? Her preparations have been extensive but have needed to fit in amongst her GP training which she also managed to pass this year and with no injuries we think she will be rider to watch.

Here are Alaina’s training events over the last few months –

1) 31st March – Red Roses Audax – 200km

2) 5-7th April – TransEngland Trial – 320km, 5600m ascent

3) 13th April – Everybody rides to Skeggy audax – 300km

4) 18-20th April (Easter) -Think Hike Bike – 500km Charity Challenge across Spain

5) 4-5th May – Brian Chapman DIY – 600km 

6) 12th May – Fred Whitton Sportive – 113miles, 3900m

Good luck Alaina, we will be hoping for the best conditions for your challenge.

4 replies on “Let The Dotwatching Commence!

    • VAARU Cycles

      It looks like she’s 23rd our of 110 riders with 567km in 33 hours so far! She’s an inspiration that’s for sure!

      • Mr Bill Evans

        Just checked. She’s been scratched at 620 km. Anyone know what happened? Mechanical? Injury? Is she ok? Not a crash, I hope. Sending her love and good wishes. Such a disappointment for her.

        • VAARU Cycles

          It’s a great shame after all her preparation. We’ve had a message to say that her previous injury to her knee has given her problems again and she’s having to scratch but she was low on phone battery so that’s all we know for now.


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